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When this occurs, users have to either find a way to avoid using the "buggy" code or get a patch from the originators of the code.

On September 9, 1947, when the operators were using the computer to perform calculations, it gave the wrong results.

In this column, we’ve always covered unusual and interesting technical topics.

This month, we discuss the word “bug”, and the history behind its use in the software context.

A program can run bug-free and still be difficult to use or fail in some major objective.

This kind of flaw is more difficult to test for (and often simply isn't).

Although bugs typically just cause annoying computer glitches, their impact can be much more serious.

A Wired News article about the 10 worst software bugs in history, reported that bugs had caused major explosions, crippled space probes, and caused death.

To find out what was going wrong, they opened the computer and looked inside (remember, this was in the “good old days”, and an electro-mechanical computer was in use).

And there they found a moth stuck inside the computer, which had caused the malfunction!

, is object-oriented and uses the MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller).

The software is based on the homemade p H7Framework and is designed with the KISS principle in mind.

Our expert guide highlights the benefits of a Dev Ops approach.

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