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Group Sizes CIBO accommodates groups from 6-50 people.Our versatile space offers unrivalled flexibility for intimate client events and larger team building functions alike! All of our chefs are professionally trained chefs who enjoy teaching the art of delicious, authentic Emilia Romagna Bolognese food.

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Lessons have a specific theme: gravies and sauces, vegetables, potatoes, cereals, rice, eggs, dry pasta, fresh pasta and filled pasta, timbales, fish, meat, sweet and savoury cakes, leavening, storage techniques and hygiene.Roux does not endorse the linked sites, and takes no responsibility for the content or information contained in the linked sites.The results reported on this site will not be the same for all patients. No part of this website may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author.All questions regarding your health or possible health problems should be directed to your physician.In addition, this site includes links to other websites; however, Dr.Theoretical references will be given during the teaching activities.

The course-syllabus includes an overview of various types of cuisine, cooking methods and multiple traditions.Let us know if you have allergies, special dietary concerns. Pellegrino Artusi, is considered the ‘father of Italian cooking,’ and in the late 1800′s he published a collection of Italian recipes which he compiled during his travels in northern and central Italy.Home cooks throughout Italy pass their culinary secrets down from generation to generation.You will surely have a great learning experience in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. This unique combination assures that you will learn to cook and enjoy the “the fruits of your labor” by creating your authentic, flavorful dishes and then dine and enjoy what you created in a “trattoria-like” atmosphere. CIBO is different than most other cooking venues, because we will adjust our cooking courses to meet your individual needs.We are aware that not every one wants the same experience, so we have a simple philosophy….. We Listen, …tell us about your food allergies, your specific needs and we will cater our program t to your needs.Our hope is not that we just meet your needs, but rather, we hope to exceed your expectations!