Cccam not updating

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I literally enjoyed all the installations & playing with PLi as compared to the other OS that I previously used !!However, there was one point that I need to ask you !! BUT surprisingly, when I tried to replace this file with the one that I already have in my DM500 ..... in DM500; on Gemini the location is : VAR / ETC è è CCcam .....

Everything worked like a breeze when installing PLi .....You said that it comes with CCcam pre-installed .... I went to the Download section and had to download it .... and you also confirmed this location BUT in PLi there is NO VAR/ETC folder over there ......I searched the whole of Directory structure and then found the (which I downloaded - the dummy or example one) in /ETC folder .....Your hard work is always appreciated These lists are intended for use with free to air boxes.does not promote the use of these channel lists for illegal and fraudulent purposes.And the answer you want: For the DM500: /var/etc/For the DM600: /etc/Okay The DM500 has CCcam build-in, but the DM600 doesn't have it.

And the answer you want: For the DM500: /var/etc/For the DM600: /etc/This is exactly what I already did .....This is because that in my DM500, my CCcam contains 4 Servers and I am getting different cards from different servers !!Pasting the same (that is working perfectly in my DM500 - Gemini) in my DM600 - PLi, it is not working !!We have developed and built one of the most advanced cccam server networks in the world, primarily intended for Dreambox, but not limited to.With access to 56 primary Servers located in every major country, capable of 1GB speeds carrying several local cards for a faster, more reliable cardsharing than could possibly expect.Are you tired of constantly having to find your USB drive then connecting it to your laptop to download the latest Channel Lists? easy to update channel lists with a few simple clicks of the Remote Control.

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