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There's also some enjoyable interaction with the audience from this performance at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London as she poses such questions as "Has anyone ever broken anything during sex? Her Royal Variety Show performance largely consists of (cleaner) versions of material used in the show reviewed above.

Odje (I’m not 100 per cent sure that this is how he spells his name–apologies if you’re reading this, and it’s incorrect!

Chatterbox is a sister cafe to Mingle Espresso bar in the city.

Odje is also providing catering services through Chatterbox, which is sure to be welcomed by the local business district.

This is nevertheless an excellent addition to this year's canon of stand-up DVDs and, if nothing else, explains how Sarah managed to scoop a deal to produce her own series with the BBC.

Whether you’re Gemini The Sexy Chatterbox or Virgo The Considerate Crook, your horoscope, or star sign, can give you great insight into your sexual prowess… In this, the second of a two-part series, we help you find out if you’re a star or a disastar in the bedroom.

Like a crab, Cancer appears tough on the outside, but once you get a taste of their meat you’ll know why it’s so deliciously addictive. They’re great at sex that’s measured, so both partners get equal enjoyment. Then you need to be sexually adventurous and prepared to have sex in a restaurant bathroom, or to have oral sex under the table. Capricorns have all the sexual adventure and energy of a slug, and they only have two moves going for them in the bedroom… So, if quickies turn you on, then marry a Capricorn and call it a day.- (Photo of sexy couple from Shutterstock) Hayden Horner SEE: Interesting facts about hearing loss Earworms: Let it go Is it bad to sleep with earplugs all the time?

CAPRICORN: The Forgettable Fling (December 23 to January 19)You won’t remember anything Capricorn does to you sexually, because they’re the most boring lovers in the world. The reason why men often appear not to be listening could be because they actually can't hear you.

Mr Running Girl will always choose bacon, and so it was. Perfectly poached eggs, fresh and plentiful avocado, and just the right amount of salty fetta, complimented by slivers of basil.

Mr Running Girl (who is not great with adjectives) describes his dish as “very good”.

The best bonus is an interview with Sarah conducted by the less well known but up-and-coming comedian Joe Lycett.

The two are clearly friends and have a good rapport, but even this drags by the end.

Chatterbox is one of those Canberra gems, tucked away in an unlikely spot.