Christian dating relationship should look like

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I’m not sure I really see myself running away screaming like a crazy person, but I guess that might work.But I would have to say the part of the book that challenged me the most was the idea that God might bring potential suitors into our lives not only to date them, but that through our time together they would grow closer to Christ.

I feel like I’m the last single person in all of my friend groups… But this book emphasizes that we need to be patient with God and His timing, because as hard as it is, not waiting for that indoor dog will only end badly.

But once I started reading it, I began to understand what the author was getting at in regards to guidelines for Christian dating.

The term “backyard dog” is exactly what it sounds like – a dog that you think you can train to eventually become an “indoor dog.” No matter what you do, the outdoor dog will continue to tear apart the furniture, pee on the floor, bounce off the walls…

There are a few other challenging chapters in the book, especially in regards to cultural perceptions about sex and co-habitation.

He even suggests running from a room screaming just to avoid sexual temptation, the same way Joseph literally fled from Potiphar’s wife.

As much as I might hate the thought of that girl having a stronger relationship with her future husband while I’m just a footnote in someone else’s happiness, that concept was something I’d never even considered before.

There are also specific chapters describing what men and women both need.

He says that the two core needs of men are sex and respect… I’d like to think there’s more to the male gender than those two things, but he does a good job explaining what he means in the context of Ephesians -33.

I would be interested to hear a woman’s perspective on those chapters of the book.

Having a lot of singles in our church, we’re often asked “what does it look like for Christians to date?

” or worse “I’m a single Christian and I keep finding myself in the same destructive dating cycle” and even “there aren’t any good people left, maybe I should just give up.” A new book recently came out entitled I read Linn Winters’ “Dating Backyard Dogs” on a flight from Milwaukee to Los Angeles.

The book does a very good job of defining the characteristics of a backyard dog and how to watch out for them.