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And as you would expect, as a Freemason, my fathers bottle had a number of Masonic Symbols within. The name Centenary intrigued me, and then I found a copy of the first set of By-Laws for Centenary Lodge No 117 I. And there it was, at the top of the by-laws, the statement – Formed in commemoration of the pre-eminently successful centenary celebrations on behalf of the Masonic Female Orphans Schools of Ireland 1892. I was very fortunate, as a boy, as I grew up with one ofthese Impossible Bottles, in my fathers house. Warrant was issued bearing the date 6th October 1892.

I should of course note, that this is an active Committee with nine monthly meetings a year, as they receive applications and manage the issue of grants to approved applicants every year. Of great interest in 1895, we find an un-expected article “About Women Freemasons” We also read about an Installation Festival held in The Thomas Valentine Lodge No 21, Belfast. This officer of the guard was the Hon John Hely Hutchinson, afterwards Third Earl of Donoughmore, who in 1845 was Installed as First Worshipful Master of The Donoughmore Lodge No 44 I. Other articles in this issue include some background on The Grand Lodge of Instruction, a report on Manitoba honours to a Cork Freemason, Prize Giving at The Masonic Orphan’s schools, The next part of the Succession of Officers in The Grand Lodge of Ireland 1790 -1801. The content was 100% Masonic, but again concentrated more on The United Grand Lodge of England, rather than The Grand Lodge of Ireland, as the title might suggest.

The meeting was well attended by members of the Orphan’s Welfare Committee, and they were supported by a number of representatives from The Belfast Masonic Charity Fund and the Belfast Masonic Widow’s Fund. In the 19th Century, we in Ireland had to resort to English publications such as The Freemason’s Quarterly Review, or The Freemasons Magazine and Masonic Mirror to provide our light reading. and The Grand Lodge of Scotland, but his main focus remained on the activities of the Irish Craft.

The meeting began promptly at 11.00AM with the Summons to Attend, followed by a report from Wor Bro Michael Alexander with a few of the many thank-you letters received from third level students who have received financial support through the efforts of this committee. Westby, Reverend Joseph Galbraith and William Stoker with others applied to The Grand Lodge Board of General Purposes and were issued with Warrant number 33 I. to hold a Lodge in the Metropolitan District of Dublin, to be known as The University Lodge. Anyone interested, can see examples of both these works in our museum collections in the Rosemary Street Provincial Masonic Hall. So in volume 2 issue 1, dated 1st January 1895, we find an interesting article on The Right Honourable Lord Arthur William Hill M. the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Down.

] At this point Right Worshipful Bro Dickson assumed the Chair and declared that all Offices in the Committee were now vacant. One other interesting feature is the inclusion of a section with dates of the various Lodge meetings, that were to be held in January 1895 including Grand Lodge, THe Board of General Purposes, THe Grand Lodge of Instruction and The Committee of Charity and Inspection. Other articles include a succession of Grand Officers of The Grand Lodge of Ireland 1780 -1790, an article on the Centenary of St John’s Lodge Lisburn when they received an original poem penned by Bro Joseph Hope on the Centenary of the Lodge. We also learn about Lodge 44 Clonmel and a romantic incident from their history. When Lord Woseley finally retired from the Dinner, he was played out with a spirited performance of The British Grenadiers, a delicate compliment to this distinguished military hero.

The various elections took place and the newly appointed members were confirmed in their various offices. The second issue dated February 1895 starts off with an article on The Masonic Province of North Munster and its Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Rt Wor Bro Sir C. Other notes include a report on the Lodge installation at Kinsale, an article on the year 1812, when a Youghall sloop called “Three Friends” was captured by the French privateer the Le Juret, captained by Louis Marencourt, ship’s master. The story goes that a French officer called Lavalette had been taken prisoner, during one of our continental wars in the 19th century. In 1901 another Irish masonic journal appeared, and this was called Irish Masonry ( Illustrated ).

At this point in their deliberations, the formal part of the meeting was concluded, and we moved into the Dining Room, next door for an enjoyable lunch. As you all know, we in Ireland always wear our aprons under our jackets, in the Irish tradition.

And on this occasion, another milestone was reached, as Flo, the well-known and respected Caterer at Arthur Square, will be stepping down after some 30 years of service, catering to the many branches and committees that regularly use the rooms in Arthur Square. It is worth noting that some one hundred years later in the 1990’s we in Ireland, once again produced an all-Ireland Masonic quarterly magazine, published by The Irish Lodge of Research. Suspended underneath is a representation of an Irish Harp. The normal procedure was following in that it was the Board of General Purposes who learned of the intention of the Lodge Members to return their Warrant and their minutes of the 12th February record the following :- From the Minutes of the G. This was a monthly magazine, published at The Office, 12 Dawson Street, in Dublin, under the editorship of Brother the Reverend Charles W. This Brother was a member of Amethyst Lodge 206 Dublin and a Past Master of Carlow Lodge No 116. The Irish Sentimental and Masonic magazine was printed monthly in Dublin from July 1792 by William Folds printer for John Jones of No 3 Grafton Street, just opposite the College ( Trinity ). In the centre are the roman numerals CXVII standing for Lodge No 117 with shamrock sprays either side of roman numerals. Sadly, Warrant number 117 was returned to Grand Lodge 4 March, 1976. 117, Dublin, to hand in the Warrant of the Lodge and that 24 Members of the Lodge had joined Lodge No. I recently found three issues of an old Victorian monthly publication entitled The Masonic Visitor – The Journal of Irish Freemasonry. D, South East Counties, PK, Prelate of The Preceptory of Palestine and a member of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No 2076 London E. As I was looking through these volumes, I was reminded of an earlier publishing attempt, from the period 1792 -1795.A number of these letters were read, from recipients, living all over the island of Ireland, who are currently at various stages in their university studies, on a wide range of academic subjects. The inaugural meeting was held on Saturday, 6th April 1872, when the Warrant constituting the Encampment was proclaimed, and Sir Knight Charles Capel Mac Namara was duly installed as Commander. The first meeting of the University Lodge was held at Freemasons’ Hall on the 7th February, 1871, the warrant having been granted on the petition of the following distinguished Brethren:- Canon the Rev. In both of these English publications, there are occasional references to the activities of The Grand Lodge of Ireland and to the activities of some of the Lodges and Irish Masonic personalities of the day. We learn about a number of new Masonic Halls in Hillsborough, Bangor, Hollywood, Newry, Gilford, Donaghadee, Rathfriland and Banbridge.The general theme, from most of these students, is the fact that these financial grants, remove an element of worry from all of these recipients, allowing them to concentrate fully on their studies. When publication of The Masonic Visitor began in 1894, Brother Ganley made an effort to focus his publication on purely Irish Masonic matters. In another article we are given details of the various officers serving in The Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim that year, followed by a four page essay on the history of Freemasonry in Old Kinsale. Indeed I would take this opportunity to bring this list right up to date in the 21st Century with mention to Kwesi O. Ackah Knight of the Sun, Representative of The Grand Lodge Of Ghana at The Grand Lodge of Ireland and well known and respected past master of The Irish Lodge of Research No 200.Summary of the story of Sir Robert Baird.[/caption On the front of the pin is the crest associated with Trinity College Dublin, with a seven pointed star beneath, containing a Christian cross and the latin motto “In Hoc Signo Vinces”. On the reverse is a set of silver date stamps and a makers mark for J. Some interesting statistics that we learned from His Excellence Kevin Vickers, Ambassador based at The Embassy of Canada in Dublin are as follows.

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