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Disruptions caused by specific drugs, antibodies and gross physical trauma can block the effects of synaptic consolidation.

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Meanwhile, neuropharmacological studies of selected brain areas began to shed light on the molecules possibly responsible for fast consolidation.The two proposed the perseveration-consolidation hypothesis after they found that new information learned could disrupt information previously learnt if not enough time had passed to allow the old information to be consolidated.Systematic studies of anterograde amnesia started to emerge in the 1960s and 1970s.Specifically, NMDA-receptor antagonists appear to block the induction of both LTP and fear conditioning and that fear conditioning increases amygdaloidal synaptic transmission that would result in LTP.Synaptic consolidation, when compared to systems consolidation (which is said to take weeks to months to years to be accomplished), is considerably faster.The standard model of synaptic consolidation suggests that alterations of synaptic protein synthesis and changes in membrane potential are achieved through activating intracellular transduction cascades.

These molecular cascades trigger transcription factors that lead to changes in gene expression.When interpreted in the context of synaptic consolidation, mechanisms of synaptic strengthening may depend on the spacing of memory reactivation to allow sufficient time for protein synthesis to occur, and thereby strengthen long-term memory.Protein synthesis plays an important role in the formation of new memories.Studies have shown that protein synthesis inhibitors administered after learning, weaken memory, suggesting that protein synthesis is required for memory consolidation.Additionally, reports have suggested that the effects of protein synthesis inhibitors also inhibit LTP.Synaptic consolidation is achieved faster than systems consolidation, within only minutes to hours of learning in goldfish.