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Finally, many thanks to all the composers and performers who have taken the time to provide comments about the reasons and inspirations for their Antarctic-themed music.This has greatly helped to animate the discography.

A few non-music CDs have been included for their Antarctic content (theatre, recitation, comedy routines) but CD audio books have been generally excluded, with exceptions where the material was considered to be noteworthy.There is no need for ears to hear the fugues played on this ice organ. The range of potential experiences was much smaller than elsewhere, the opportunity for surprise much less.Here nature has set aside for man a domain of beauty and inspiration such as he cannot know elsewhere on this planet. Modernist literature was more inclined to follow Joseph Conrad into the Heart of Darkness than to pursue Robert Scott into the Antarctics Heart of Whiteness.Most of the music composed for the film was never recorded or included in the film and only the shortened excerpts were used.Its performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Ernest Irving and recorded in 1948. Wright, and first released on 78 rpm disc on March 5, 1913 by Victory Records, sung by Robert Carr (B47, 1668).The classical repertoire appears to be minimal and it is the pop artists who have been making more Antarctic musical noises, in some cases literally.

While earlier songs may have focused on urging listeners to keep the continent pristine, much of the current crop seems to hold Antarctica as a mirror/metaphor for the coldness and isolation people feel in their day to day lives.Any additions and comments to the music listing are welcome.– Valmar Kurol, Montreal, Quebec, Canada ([email protected]) century composers, was later arranged into his Seventh Symphony, which premiered in 1953 and is still considered to be the mother of all recorded Antarctic music.The version here was recorded in 1953 by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Adrian Boult.Also on the CD are seven thematic extracts from the film, totalling 8½ minutes, with the titles Prologue, most of which are recognizable in the full symphony movements.The title comes from a reference in Scotts expedition diary and the piece was based on Maxwell Davies 1997-98 trip to Britains Rothera Base on the Antarctic Peninsula with the BAS, which also led to his Antarctic Symphony This is a superb compilation CD of British music and vocal recordings related to the Golden Era of polar exploration, curated by James Nice.