Dating a girl with hearing aids

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Dating a girl with hearing aids

One night, we went for a walk along the beach, which is a romantic setting for most people.

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After some time, these habits will become second nature, and the person you’re dating will develop the ability to subconsciously factor your hearing loss into their daily routine. Everyone, including your attractive date, has insecurities and things they’re afraid of sharing. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself and your hearing loss out there, but the payoff is well worth it!

If you currently have hearing loss and have not gotten help, don’t be afraid to do so. Today’s hearing aids are sleek, sophisticated and sometimes downright sexy since they will improve many aspects of all your relationships.

Visit a hearing care professional in our extensive clinic directory to get started.

You end up with strange food on your restaurant plate and you laugh at the wrong moments.

As my friend Myrtle says – My bluffing moments are often minor in scale, for example to speed up an otherwise boring conversation that would drag on forever if I actively participated. The biggest impact of bluffing is on Romance and in one of those life-defining moments, my bluffing changed my future, and it would take me years to fully realize what had happened. In my twenties, I was dating a nice fellow whose name I can’t remember, so let’s just call him the Nice Fellow.

I must have asked him to repeat himself a lot that night, because I was reluctant to do it again.

The question seemed to be the yes-or-no sort and I figured there was a 50-50 chance of giving the right answer. His reaction told me that this was not only an unexpected answer, but also the wrong one. Never saw that Nice Fellow again – and to this day I have no idea what he asked me.

But the internet also presents a different challenge: the profile page.

The profile page is the online substitute for your in-person first impression.

Brande Plotnick holds a master’s degree and MBA from the University of Louisville.

Her career in hearing care spans sales, marketing and content creation and she enjoys helping people with hearing loss seek help and be their own advocates.

That’s why writing honest information about yourself is so important in online dating.

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