Dating a guy with a son

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This enhances the wedge between us that I feel when he has the child.There are many postive things - I love him very much and the child is very affectionate and loving to me.

He needs to talk with you about the children's behavior. As for feeling second best: His having you play babysitter is not fair if you are given no say in anythig the child does.

I know I will always be second to him and I know I am not the child's mother, but I am struggling with being a babysitter every other week -- rather than being courted or loved by my boyfriend, as I would when we dont have the child.

Furthermore, he is suffering from guilt to the point where the child has the most say in all situations -there is very little structure or discipline.

This confused me and saddened me, as I had rushed over to be there, per his request and he was obligated to focus on his daughter. After a lovely evening of dinner and us being romantic together and alone at the end of the night, he began texting his daughter that he missed her to sleep well etc. Most of my life, prior to them, has been dissolved.. I feel like I have let my life go and am being forced to be captive audience to their relationship with one another now. I dont mind if you are brutally honest in my being wrong here. I,ve dated the same person for 12 years and I have always went out of my way to allow our kids from both sides of the fence to gradually get close.

I know that he should be supportive and loving of his daughter, but I felt like he should be focused or interested in me at that particular time. When I asked him about it, he said we had spent a few days together and he missed his daughter and I was ridiculous to even bring it up. I will never be as close to either of them, as they are to one another.. I have done everything possible to share this man and have a relationship with the kids as a mother-in law, entertaining and doing things to make a family with what you have.

She was upset about something and he was consoling her.

This occurred at the end of a full 2 days of them being home together, as she was not in school. We had a celebratory dinner with my family who we see only once every few months, as opposed to every other week with his daughter. It,s amazing that I can relate to a lot of what you have said even though my issues are slightly different,but with child at hand.

I never involve myself in this, as I see it as his place -- however, if the child is rude or overbearring with me, I say what I think is appropriate to the child.

Occasionally, boyfriend will discount me in front of the child and deem me as critical.

In many cases, people who have never had children sometimes tend to be a tad bit strict as compared to folks who already have kids and know about the trials of parenthood. So try to keep this in mind if you second guess some of his parenting styles.

I was one of those, lol..didn't have much patience dealing with kids. Bottom line, get on the same page when it comes to discipline. Step parenting can be a wonderful there and good luck!

I have been dating a man with one child for 10mths. I have also bonded with his child, whom we see every other week.