Dating and bipolar

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Its really hurtful going out with him because when he wants me he pressures till i fall again and after going out with him he emotionally disconnects as if he hated me.You either love someone or you don’t, but you cant go behind then tell them you don’t love them, have sex with them and later not call in a week.

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This is problematic since these are the ages when most people are actively dating and getting married.If your symptoms are too high, there is nothing your partner can do or say to improve the situation.This leads to them feeling inadequate and disappointed.He just is unable to act as a normal boyfriend.-When he gets angry(really angry), must i tell him its irrational, to calm down or simply wait till it goes?Must we tell them the truth of their attitude or will they hate us forever.Here’s a good article if you’re spending your Saturday night on the Internet: Bipolar Disorder and Dating.

Bipolar World offers some cautions and concerns for both the bipolar and non-bipolar partners, including this: Another consideration for those with bipolar disorder and dating is when one should tell the potential partner that they have bipolar disorder. In my experience it is not something that you want to divulge at the very beginning.I do not claim to know everything in the world or everything there is to know about bipolar, however, through my life experiences and through the stories of others, there are a few things I know for certain when it comes to dating someone with bipolar. Sounds ridiculous, but even when he hates you, he still freaking loves you and just can’t process those emotions in the mind frame he is in.This can be managed however, but both parties must be aware of the cycle. And aware of what it is that usually breaks the cycle and sends him running back into your arms.For the record, someone being “nice one minute and angry the next” is not someone with bipolar.Gaining education from reputable sources on the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder is important if you believe that your spouse or partner has bipolar disorder.Even if we end up with our strange relationship, we are coworkers, I don’t have rage for him although he has touched my self-esteem.

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