Dating epiphone bass guitar

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Dating epiphone bass guitar - datingguide org

All in all, this is a very good instrument, not the best maybe (disadvantaged because of the short scale sound, old fretboard), but it would be hard to find a bass better than this one at a price below J1000.

I used some furniture oil to polish it, it still doesn't look great, but better. Maple neck, rosewood fretboard, body is made out of Korina wood. I have no clue what the pickups are, but the bass has two big humbuckers, two volume control knobs and one tone control, one three-way selector switch.

When using distortion, I usually turn the volume down a little to get a better tone.

Both pickups work great for distortion, the tone can be varied easily by using the controls without having to mess around with amp settings. The problem is that a short scale bass like this one usually doesn't sound sharp enough for that.

I play mostly classic heavy metal and hard rock, sometimes a little bit of black metal and progressive stuff.

This bass suits all styles well, if you know how to use it. The sound on that one isn't too great, which is mainly the amp's fault and has nothing to do with the bass.

The greatest benefit to me is that this bass is very light, I am a singer who plays bass at the same time, and this is the ideal singer's bass.

A super heavy instrument would get my body tension screwed up and hurt my voice.Late in the seventies, Gibson Guitars won a legal battle for patent infringements, which over time, shut down all but a few “copy” guitar manufacturers worldwide.This allowed some elbowroom for Gibson and Fender to rethink and retool their operations to fortify their position in the market.There were only two major negative things about this bass.One is the noisy pickups selector, which I fixed, and theother one was the fretboard, which did not look very good when I got it.I chnaged that with a set of super heavy strings (you wouldn't want to know how heavy), which made it a little harder to play (a very playable bass with normal gauge strings this is), but the sound I get now is unbelievable.

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