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Dating groundwork seduction community - Single aunties and mothers free chating and dating sites

We have seen 2 generations of ‘dating advice’ so far: Generation 1 – let’s call them “The Romantics” – who repeated the same kind of dating advice our mothers gave us. Men who could shoot a flirtatious smile through a crowd and be unashamedly open about their desire – in the most seductive way possible.

Which brings me to the Next Generation of dating advice.

And then we’d return home and catch up on more seduction theory in the form of dating advice newsletters, which screamed: “Keep A Beautiful Woman Attracted” … So, when you fall into this trap and buy a program that’s called “Totall Approach Anxiety Killing Ebook” with a helpful CD that’s called “Immediate Rapport With Hot Chicks” thrown in as a bonus, you’re only temporarily relieving the surface symptoms of your deeper, wider issue. For example: – your dreaded approach anxiety keeps coming back.

– you may feel the need to ‘eject on a high note’ after you get a girls number (before you screw something up).

Strauss’s book follows his interactions with the women he was trying to woo along with his pickup mentor, known as “Mystery.”.

While Neil says their relationship was the best he’d ever had, he couldn’t stop chasing other women.

It’s the same places they would blow it in real life.

The would not pick up on a hint to get together, or they’d get too needy and push too hard for a meeting.

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The dating advice of ‘Reverse Engineers’ told not to display evidence of being attached to the outcome. The philosophical groundwork of “Reverse Engineer” dating advice was something like this: “If you study up on what the behaviour and the mindsets of an attractive guy are, and then model your behaviour by adopting those mindsets, approach enough women, you’ll ‘internalise’ it all, ‘become congruent’ and you’ll eventually see the same success as those guys who attractive to women.” Now, here is the fatal flaw in the philosophy of this dating advice: Your outer issues that you’re trying to deal with e.g., “approach anxiety”, “neediness”, “attachment to outcome”, “not qualifying”, “not building rapport” are just symptoms of another issue that is brewing under the surface.

Strangely, we kinda missed the most obvious point that the reason we were reading this dating advice in the first place was to obtain a very certain outcome. So we would go out and talk to women in a most non-needy way possible. And that issue is not just limited to the area of ‘being successful with women. Which means that the promise of “getting this area of your life sorted forever”, but only if you “buy this DVD program full of secrets on how to seduce women” is as hollow as the space between Pamela’s ears.

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