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Come to us for all of your ultrasound needs and you'll be in the safe hands of fully-qualified experts.A friendly and knowledgeable team of experienced healthcare professionals Longer appointments than the NHS as standard Prices as low as £39 The latest ultrasound scanning equipment A full service - whatever you need an ultrasound scan for, we're qualified to provide it Convenient location with free parking and excellent local transport links Ultrasound Direct Hereford is based in the Hereford Centre for Natural Health, located at the Belmont Health Care Complex on Eastholme Avenue.

The Hereford Cathedral Chained Library is the largest surviving chained library in the world.

centuries, four silver mace of 1680 presented by Lord Chandos, Chief Steward.

These are Royal Mace, being permitted by Royal Warrant of King James l in 1619.

Items of particular interest and value include two silver candlesticks dated in London in 1666 and considered unique examples of silverwork. The City holds four sets of (scarlet, trimmed with murrey velvet) Mayoral Robes, the earliest dating back to 1892.

The robes are always worn with the Badge of Office and Chain.

The sword has connections with the Battle of Mortimers Cross in 1461.

The victorious Yorkists chased and captured many of the defeated Lancastrians including Owen Tudor. Also donated, in the Diamond Jubilee year of Queen Victoria (1897), by the Mayor, Alderman Llanwarne, are a fine rosewater dish and ewer, dating from 19 respectively.

In the early 17th century, when the bookcases you see today were made, libraries similar to it could be found in universities and cathedrals, but this is the only one still to be chained.

It contains about 1,500 books, dating from around the year 800 to the early 19th century, including 227 medieval manuscript books.

We're less than 3 miles from Hereford County NHS Hospital, just off the main A465 Hereford to Abergavenny Road, south of the City of Hereford.

We're easily accessible via public transport, and we have a large free car park.

The sword is purely ceremonial and, as far as is known, has no military associations, unlike the Mourning Sword.