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In fiscal year 2016, the State Department requested $0.4 million for International Military and Education Training for activities in Burundi.While the funds are aimed at professionalizing the Burundian military, they should be withheld as long as the military is used as a political tool against citizens.

Since then, low level violence has persisted, including a battle on December 11 in Bujumbura that left almost 100 dead.

While the prospect of greater American involvement in brokering a peace is slim, it is possible to promote a non-violent solution to Burundi's latest crisis.

Burundi has to two distinct ethnic groups: the Hutu and the Tutsi.

In 2005, the government approved a new constitution, that de jure limited presidents to serving two five year terms.

Under the new constitution, in 2005, Pierre Nkurunziza was elected president of Burundi, and, in 2010, he won reelection.

In 1993, Burundi descended into an ethnically defined civil war, which saw Tutsi's targeted in the country's second genocide (the first having occurred in 1972 when Hutus were targeted by a Tutsi military government), which fueled the explosion of violence that would wrack Rwanda the next year.

While Rwanda's spasm of self-destruction ended swiftly, the Burundian civil war smoldered on until 2003, when more than a dozen warring factions formed a unity.Any training Burundian soldiers receive prior to deployment in Somalia could be conducted in another country, say Tanzania or Kenya, ensuring that skills learned could not be turned against the people of Burundi for at least 12 to 18 months.In the same vein, AIMSOM could cut funding and payments to Burundi that are not intended to help Somalia or to outfit soldiers currently deployed in Somalia.Political disputes and persistent violence in tiny Burundi is certainly not near the top, or even on the first page of any American president's to-do list.Nevertheless, American interests are threatened by both what has already occurred and what this unrest may easily devolve into.The East African Community was quick to convene a summit, but talks quickly stalled, and there has been little apparent interest on the part of Ugandan and Tanzanian leaders to reignite the search for a non-violent situation.

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