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These blankets are made of all sorts of materials, including cotton, linen, silk, synthetic fibers, goose down, and even old clothes.Blankets have come to serve all sorts of purposes, too.

The off-white base color made them excellent camouflage in the snow.

Decorative throw blankets are designed to keep one warm outside the bed, while security blankets or “blankies” give little children comfort.

Native Americans would wear wool blankets as coats or robes, and in Mexico, colorful blankets called zarape, or serape, are often worn by men like shawls.

Since blankets were felted or shrunk during manufacturing, during the mid-1700s French weavers developed a “point” system to indicate the final size of the blanket, which Hudson Bay Company indicated with indigo lines woven into the side of the blanket.

(“Point” is thought to come from the French word “empointer,” meaning to make stitches.) These were traded in a range of one to four points, in increments of half points.

Blankets were also offered in solid colors like indigo, scarlet, green, and light blue.

The Native Americans would wear them instead of buffalo robes, or sew them into coats.Company pattern designer Joe Rawnsley, in particular, who was gifted with the jacquard loom, worked with many of the tribes people of northeastern Oregon to get his blankets just right.He also took six months to travel the Southwest and visit with the tribes there and learn about their traditions.Pendleton Woollen Mills, which was established in 1909 along the Oregon Trail in Pendleton, Oregon, saw the Native American population as a new market.The company took great care to learn about traditional Native American designs and patterns, the important mythology and spiritual symbols, and the preferred colors of their customers.European wool blankets were coveted by the Native Americans, who had previously worn hides, stitched fur pelts, and handmade clothes made of wool, down, feathers, shredded cedar bark, or cotton.

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