Dating places in bangalore city

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Dating places in bangalore city

It could be book stores, watering holes, gardens, lakes or bistros, just don’t take her to a mall and sit outside the damn thing like idiots! So, unless you’re undergoing some serious physical deterioration, we suggest you buck up and get peddling!Where - Bangalore Price - Depends on how you plan it. Where - Morning’s and evening when the weather is docile would be the best time.

) How - Here’s a list of movies to decide from or if you’d prefer something more Bollywood try this Price - It’s still cheap, stop looking! Where - Any major stadium in Bangalore Price - ISL (Rs. Worst comes to worse, if he’s terrible you both can crack jokes at him and be the most romantic hecklers in town! Find a nice trekking spot nearby and head out with the lady.

Find a helpful security guard, grease him the right way and make it happen! Where - The Bangalore to Goa Route is filled with scenic spots and is very strongly recommended and who knows, if you both hit it off, the whole thing might just end with an escapade in Goa!

Price - Anywhere from just fuel bills of Rs.200 to ‘Oh God, Goa can be expensive!

This rooftop lounge has a great view, along with some good cocktails and a fabulous ambience. The place transports you to Paris with the beautiful alfresco setting making it the ideal place to get to know your date better.

Price: Rs150 onwards Matteo ‘A cup of coffee shared with a dear one is happiness tasted and time well spent,’ suits Matteo best.

A small picnic under the sky gets the heart pumping like no other. 0 They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and now that we’re all vouching for equality for women, it only stands to reason that the afore mention law holds true in reverse.

Take a look at our guide to 11 budget friendly romantic ideas for a date in Bangalore: There’s nothing more romantic than taking your woman out to watch the stars.Besides being the perfect setting, it also has amazing Italian food.Price: 2,000 for two Skyye Lounge If you want to feel on the top of the world and dance your night away under a blanket of stars with someone special, then this is the place to be.If all goes well, you’ll have a smitten woman in return for all those sore muscles!Where - Here’s a list of close by trekking places in Bangalore. Head to the nearest flea market fair that’s happening with the woman.

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