Dating rules from my future self dvd

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Dating rules from my future self dvd - rejection email dating

I look forward to hearing from you.” Jen Manzella, MA, in a Rules relationship Engineering Intern, Biomedical Engineering student, model and Rules Coach “Do you crave more in your relationship but fall short of your desires?

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I have always been fascinated by relationships; why some work and others don’t. TR works, on so many levels.” Stacey Patricia, UK, Engaged “The Rules have completely changed my life.

” , “If you can read only one book, this is the book!

They are all over the world and they are ready to help you!

(rates are at the discretion of individual coaches) Do you know someone who would benefit from our Dating and Relationship Coach course or Rules School course?

Receive a free 30-minute phone consultation (0 value) with Ellen and Sherrie when she signs up!

I enjoy guiding women to improve their image with fashion and beauty tips and implement TR in their relationships.” Vanessa Taylor, Los Angeles, CA Married. Text Love E-mail to schedule your private e-mail or phone consultation [email protected] Girl Celebrity I know how hard dating is and will help you develop a strategy that ensures you also meet and marry the man of your dreams. [email protected]“The Rules have helped many women all over the world to overcome troublesome relationships to achieve happiness and have amazing husbands.

Platinum Girl Celebrity “Thanks to Ellen and Sherrie and The Rules, I am now a very happy wife with four beautiful children! Grateful to Ellen and Sherrie.” Maria A., Geneva, Switzerland Math teacher, dating, fluent in English, French, Russian relationships.I highly recommend Shellen’s classes to get on the fast track towards marrying Mr. The classes were the BEST money I ever spent on myself now that I have an adoring rulesy husband who treats me like a princess. I can help you with all your dating & relationship questions and learn how to live the rulesy way.” Alicia R., NYC and NJ “What I love most about The Rules is how it teaches you to date with your eyes wide open.Feel free to contact me if you need a Rules Coach for waiting until marriage to have sex which is what I believe in and did.” Ana K., Europe Self-employed, single, happily dating Available on weekends for consultations in Dutch, Spanish & English. They helped me date with confidence, weeding out Mr. You can tell quickly whether a man is truly interested or just a time-waster.Be sure she lists you as a referral in our sign-up form. Looking forward to working with you.” Lyn Paul, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia Certified Dating Coach and Life Coach-Happily Married.Maya E., Miami Beach, FL Mother, divorced, dating available daytime, nighttime, weekends (support groups) [email protected] Rules have helped me get my life back, not just in the romance department, but all around, by reminding me that I’m a CUAO and by providing guidelines for living in a happy, easy-going state of mind. [email protected] “E-mail me for a complimentary first session. , Improve your marriage immensely, with second marriages with kids, Increase your confidence, Heal from a breakup fast, with makeovers/diet/fashion, Divorce/legal support/advice.” Lynda Love, Sydney, Australia Dating and Relationship Coach – Happily married thanks to The Rules.During consults, I follow the coaching structure to help you understand why TR work and how to apply them long term until they become automatic.” Natasha Beauchamp, New York, NY Certified Rules Dating Coach, Single and Dating “I believe The Rules are about dating with dignity, boundaries and self-respect.

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