Dating sterling silver hallmarks

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The hallmark for sterling silver varies from nation to nation, often using distinctive historic symbols, although Dutch and UK Assay offices no longer strike their traditional hallmarks exclusively in their own territories and undertake assay in other countries using marks that are the same as those used domestically.

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The head was encircled by a frame, optionally composed of convex, concave and straight lines.If there is ever a question about the content of a piece of jewelry, the manufacturer can be traced using the hallmark stamped on the piece....US law requires a maker's mark in the form of a hallmark or registered trademark in addition to the quality mark if the goods are quality marked.Hallmarks are applied with a hammer and punch, a process that leaves sharp edges and spurs of metal.Therefore, hallmarking is generally done before the piece goes for its final polishing.After the adoption of the sterling standard, pieces were marked with "STERLING", the number "925" or the notation "925/1000".

While American manufacturers did not apply assay marks, city marks or date marks, they did apply a maker's mark. The old hallmarks were as unique as today's logos, and disputes often arose when one company copied another's stamp.STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO SILVERPLATE MARKS | FIGURAL TRADE MARKS | ALPHABETIC SYMBOLS | DATING UK PATENT MARKS | OLD SHEFFIELD PLATE | | ELKINGTON DATE LETTERS | WALKER & HALL DATE LETTERS | MAPPIN & WEBB DATE LETTERS | EPNS - EPBM | Adie & Lovekin Angell Family Asprey & Co Atkin Brothers Barker Brothers E. Dixon & Sons Dobson & Sons Eley family Elkington & Co Emes family Fattorini & Sons Fox family Garrard & Co S. One concave line represented 140/1000 fineness, a straight one 150 and a convex one 160.For example, a Diana head within a frame made in the shape of a 5-petal flower represented 5x160 = 800 thousands fineness, a local silver standard commonly used in eating forks and spoons.The date letters below show the background shape for silver.