Dating styles in 1818

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While stone and brick were usually chosen for commercial buildings because of fire resistance and durability, they were sometimes used for aesthetic reasons as well.

This was largely because ordinances enacted following the 18 fires decreed that buildings along Water and Duckworth Streets had to be of fire-proof material.

The ground floor contained the bank's business areas, while the top three floors served as living quarters for the bank manager.

The British Bank of North America (BBNA) is visible on the left in both photos.

It was constructed 20 years or so after Government House and shares similar symbolic functions, but it was designed in a very different style.

The Colonial Building reflects a shift in architectural taste towards neoclassicism, also evident in the Customs House at King's Beach, which was built of brick and stone in the aftermath of the 1846 fire, around the same time as Colonial Building. One of the most architecturally important buildings in St.

Most of the city's housing stock from the early 1800s has been destroyed by fire (particularly the Great Fires of 1816-17, 1846, and 1892, but sometimes in smaller, localized fires) or otherwise been demolished. Bannerman House, located at 54 Circular Road, for example, dates from the 1840s and shows evidence of having been built with a hipped-roof and central chimney, like Anderson House and Mc Namara House, and being later altered.

In the first part of the 19th century, the dominant building style for commercial and government buildings was Georgian. Constructed between 18 to serve as the governor's official residence, it was built with local red sandstone and Portland stone from England. John's are gone, some from the mid to late 1800s have survived.Not strictly a residence, but rather built as the home and offices of the British Army supply officer in Newfoundland, Commissariat House nevertheless has design features that are a good example of wooden house construction at the time.These buildings are some of the few remainders of that period.George Street United (originally Methodist) Church was built in 1873 of local stone, covered with cement and painted.Its turrets and arched windows are good examples of Gothic design, common in churches in Newfoundland at this time.Devon Place (not to be confused with Devon House), at 3 Forest Road was built around 1843.

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