Dating trailer drivers

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Dating trailer drivers

If you want to fall in love with a truck driver then this is the place for you.

Whether you are a trucker yourself or someone who loves the trucker lifestyle, then this is the place to be.

By doing this you show value and dedication to your new employer.

It allows you to stay with your current company, maintain seniority and gain experience valuable to future endeavors. Hard work really does payoff: Success is measured by what you put into your job.

Make Diet/Exercise Plans: New drivers need to keep a steady diet plan, keep it light on the carbs for 6 days and treat yourself on the 7.

Exercise twice a day for 15 minutes, once before your shift and once during the mid day break. Better to explain why your load was late than to explain why you wrecked your boss’s truck. Love your Safety Department: Recognize that your Safety department is always looking out for your best interest.

You have to see it for yourself and you can do it from your own comfort zone instead of wasting your precious time hanging out at a truck stop restaurant, only to come home empty handed.

Become Friends with your Dispatcher: Dispatchers are your lifelines to loads, which in turn equals miles and miles directly affect your paycheck. Simply put your meal in an oven-roasting bag and pour some water around the bag (just a little). Never refuse a load: Refusing a load can leave a bad image of you and your work ethic.

Here you will find an open community filled with attractive trucker singles that are ready to share their crazy adventures with someone like you.

You never know what kind of connection you are going to make until you join.

There are so many single truck drivers who’re searching for someone to join them on the road and experience their crazy adventures first hand.

Who knows, your first date could be sitting in the cabin, chatting away while driving the open road.

Always remember that your safety department has nothing to gain by your loss or failure. Explore your Company: Every Company has different divisions that you are able to move through to improve your experience.