Dating violence laws pennsylvania

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But just two weeks later, Norristown quietly passed a virtually identical ordinance that imposes fines on landlords unless they evict tenants who obtain police assistance, including for domestic violence.

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If you have been charged with domestic violence, you are facing serious and emotionally-charged accusations – and their negative impact can follow you for the rest of your life.The police do not have to witness this crime and they can make an arrest, based solely on the word of the alleged victim, if they observe a physical injury or any other corroborating evidence.In many criminal cases, the police will let you go home after an arrest with a summons to go to court at a later time.The police charged her husband with domestic battery and resisting arrest.Yet only a few days later, the police department sent her landlord a notice, instructing the landlord to evict the victim under the local ordinance based on the arrest.The message was clear: calling the police leads to homelessness.

A recent study of Milwaukee's nuisance ordinance showed that domestic violence was the third most common reason that police issued a nuisance citation, far above drug, property damage, or trespassing offenses. Briggs, were less able to access police protection.

You have been accused of attacking a family member, and you face consequences that include not being allowed to return to your home or even see your children.

The claims against you may have been made out of anger, spite, jealousy, aims to gain more in a divorce or custody battle, or a desire for revenge.

And later, when he stabbed her in the neck, she was still too afraid to reach out. Based on these "strikes," the city pressured her landlord to evict.

After a housing court refused to order an eviction, the city said it planned to condemn the property and forcibly remove Ms. The ACLU intervened, and the city did not carry out its threats, and even agreed to repeal the ordinance.

Anytime there are emotions involved, the case dynamic is taken to a higher level.

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