Dating writing gospels

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Dating writing gospels

When comparing the manuscripts at hand with these, from 1,000 years earlier, we find agreement 99.5% of the time.

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These writers had direct access to the facts they were recording.We can be more certain of what we read about Jesus’ life and words, than we are certain of the writings of Caesar, Plato, Artistotle and Homer.Four of the writers of the New Testament each wrote their own biography on the life of Jesus.These are called the four gospels, the first four books of the New Testament.When historians try to determine if a biography is reliable, they ask, "How many other sources report the same details about this person? Imagine you are collecting biographies of President John F. You find many biographies describing his family, his presidency, his goal of putting a man on the moon, and his handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis.They checked and rechecked their work, to make sure it perfectly matched.

What the New Testament writers originally wrote is preserved better than any other ancient manuscript.PDF The Bible was written over a span of 1500 years, by 40 writers.Unlike other religious writings, the Bible reads as a factual news account of real events, places, people, and dialogue.There is one central message consistently carried by all 40 writers of the Bible: God, who created us all, desires a relationship with us. The Bible not only inspires us, it explains life and God to us.It does not answer the questions we might have, but enough of them.The accuracy of today’s Old Testament was confirmed in 1947 when archaeologists found “The Dead Sea Scrolls” along today's West Bank in Israel.