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)Fresh food is most of our shop too (though happily most of our veg are now coming from t'allotment so I know it's even fresher than Waitrose :)I'll give it another go and let you know how I get on.

With that and most people's innate honesty, combined with the saving in wages, it must work for them I've never used the one in waitrose, but the ones that I have used actually have some kind of a weighing device or something.

Because the machine identifies that you haven't put the product in the bag.

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I'd like to have a supermarket like Waitrose here in Spain, your description sounds great!

A pig I know may have something to say on the subject soon.

I'm going to shut up abut them now, after all they don't pay me. Actually they do - I get cash back using the account card. On the ethical front, I'd like them to start printing the "Food miles" on their packing, but that's a folorn hope. On identical lines I've also often significantly more expensive.

In a nutshell, I'm not saying there are no problems but Waitrose is the closest you'll get to an old style shop; it is the best of British retailling. I'm so jealous of the tastes available in UK, we do not have the same over here! Pricewise, you CAN spend a lot there, but oyu don't have to. A shame, I grew up with them :(I really like the scanner idea though.

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