Delonte west and lebron james mom dating

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“I was just told from my brother that a very reliable source informed my uncle that Delonte has been banging [Le Bron’s mother] Gloria James for some time now,” reads one version of the email.“Somehow I guess Le Bron found out before game four and it has destroyed our chemistry and divided our team.” Other iterations of the gossip sourced the rumor to “someone who works at a law firm that deals with sports litigation,” “David Stern’s office,” “my dad and his friends in Cleveland,” and the general contractor for the Cavaliers’ arena.

Some people experience severe depression and mania that includes hallucinations, while others have much milder symptoms. He says that when he saw the doctor, he’d been feeling down, having days when he was sad and tired and didn’t want to get out of bed.readers to “consider the fact West has depression problems and suffers from mental illness.” Vecsey continued, idiotically: “What prevents him from concealing weapons in his Cavaliers workout bag and sneaking them into the arena or practice complex, and, on a particularly moody blues day, blasting everybody in sight?” In West’s view, the press felt more comfortable assigning him to a category than trying to understand him as an individual. He risks being cut, according to the Morning News, despite being, you know, pretty good at basketball. Of course, that man currently is suspended by the Dallas Mavericks for conduct detrimental to the team.There are those in the field who believe the illness is now overdiagnosed. But he told the specialist that there were also times when he “might just go out and buy a car.

Or go to the mall and spend 25 grand.” West doesn’t think the doctor took into consideration that such behavior might not be unusual for a professional athlete with a big paycheck.But he's known as the guy who maybe, you know, with, you know who's mom. After his first five seasons in the NBA, Delonte West was the kind of player who basketball obsessives knew and loved, a fan favorite who hadn’t drawn much mainstream attention. West explained to the officer that he was carrying weapons: a 9 mm Beretta, a Ruger .357 magnum, a Remington 870 shotgun, shotgun shells, and a bowie knife.Why did the Cavaliers falter in Le Bron’s final playoff run with the team?The day after Cleveland bombed out of the postseason, an email began to circulate among sports fans.For the rest of the season, West did not speak to the media at all. Two months before the arrest, he’d married his college sweetheart.

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