Elucidating mechanism cellular uptake removal

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Elucidating mechanism cellular uptake removal - eclipse maven updating indexes takes forever

We support them in applying a range of biophysical techniques to study the size, stability and interaction of biomolecules.

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Alexey Rak, Head of Structural Biology & Biophysics, Sanofi R&D, France "One mission of the Structural Research group within the Lead Identification and Optimization department is to quantitatively validate and characterize interactions of small molecules as well as new biological entities with protein targets.

"We routinely assess interaction affinity for both small molecule and biologics projects, with Nano Temper Technologies' Microscale Thermophoresis being the most recent addition to the pool of instruments we use to carry out these measurements.

It has proved a valuable tool for characterising small molecule-protein and protein-protein interactions, as well as for the study of protein aggregation concentration determination.

MST is a versatile and valuable tool which we quickly adapted in our repertoire of methods.

The impressive advantages of MST, namely the low sample consumption, the broad application range, and swift assay development make it a unique biophysical method.

An alternative “shot-gun” approach of exogenous application of GB or proline to plants under stress conditions, however, has gained some attention.

A review of the literature indicates that in many, but not all, plant species such applications lead to significant increases in growth and final crop yield under environmental stresses.

Glycine betaine (GB) and proline are two major organic osmolytes that accumulate in a variety of plant species in response to environmental stresses such as drought, salinity, extreme temperatures, UV radiation and heavy metals.

Although their actual roles in plant osmotolerance remain controversial, both compounds are thought to have positive effects on enzyme and membrane integrity along with adaptive roles in mediating osmotic adjustment in plants grown under stress conditions.

We have appreciated the professionalism and support from Nano Temper Technologies." Dr.

Nicolas Basse, Department of Structural Biology, UCB-Celltech, UK The Biophysics Facility at the Biozentrum in Basel serves a group of approximately 80 users from the Biozentrum, other departments in Basel and elsewhere in Switzerland.

In some cases, Label Free MST allowed us to perform assays with otherwise "very ill" behaved proteins which were not amenable to any other biophysical technique.

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