English history georgian era dating

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The cost of administrating these colonies rose, so the British Parliament tried to raise money by imposing new taxes.The Stamp Act introduced tax on property deals in America.

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Victory by Britain allowed the British Navy to dominate the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Britain established 13 colonies along the eastern coast of America (including the urban centres of Philadelphia, New York and Boston and rural states such as Virginia).Although this was successful at first, Bonnie Prince Charlie was defeated at the battle of Culloden, although he managed to escape to France.Farming methods were greatly improved: this is known as the Agricultural Revolution.On the death of George III in 1820, the Prince Regent became George IV.The term Regency (or Regency era) can refer to various stretches of time; some are longer period than the decade of the formal Regency which lasted from 1811–1820. Please note: The long lists of links are arranged by topic in alphabetical order.

To learn about Regency customs and life from the people who actually lived in the era, please visit the Original Sources page on top of this blog.

Ten years later he died and his brother became William the Fourth.

The Regency in Great Britain was a period when King George III was deemed unfit to rule and his son ruled as his proxy as Prince Regent.

For over 100 years (from 1714 until 1830) all of the kings were called George: George I, George II, George III and George IV. During this time the Parliament in Westminster became increasingly powerful. The first and longest serving Prime Minister was Walpole.

The two main political parties during the Georgian period were the Tories (who usually supported the King) and the Whigs (who usually supported the rights of the land-owners and Parliament).

Captain Cook claimed for Britain the islands of New Zealand and the eastern coast of Australia.

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