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The Canadian-born actress was originally discovered on the street by a Ford modeling agent, but she turned down the offer.

She eventually called and the agency landed her several roles in commercials and non-speaking parts in the TV shows Smallville and Kingdom Hospital.Evangeline was voted one of People Magazine's '50 Most Beautiful People'.After shooting the final episode of Lost, Lilly said she was considering taking a break from acting to focus on her charity and humanitarian efforts.Bailey needed to have a strength and a toughness that was not at the expense of her being womanly." The character, which does not appear in the original book by Tolkien, was created by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh as the head of the Elven guard who wields a bow and two daggers as weapons.Lilly, who had been a fan of Tolkien's books since she was 13, On July 18, 2013, Lilly debuted the book, titled The Squickerwonkers.She and the rest of the cast won the Gotham Award for Best Ensemble Cast and the Washington D. Area Film Critics Association Award for Best Ensemble.

Lilly followed this role with a leading part in psychological thriller film Afterwards.

A source says that although Evangeline and Dominic had a hot on-set romance, her newest boyfriend is the total package: “he’s handsome, strong and buff […] he loves the outdoors and has a great sense of humor.” Gee, he sounds…exactly like Sawyer.

These two had such a weird breakup, and now we may know why.

However, her first big break did not come until Lilly was "discovered" by Lost producers for the role of Kate.

Evangeline was almost not able to work with the cast because she had problems obtaining a work visa, and got the visa after filming for the "" had already begun.

There were no injuries as she was at work at the time, her two housemates (one of them a Lost crew member) were also not home.

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