Form validating event vb net

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Form validating event vb net - drupal 7 validating form on ajax

Windows Forms provides several ways for you to validate input in your application.If you need to require users to enter data in a well-defined format, such as a telephone number or a part number, you can accomplish this quickly and with minimal code by using the Masked Text Box control.

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My problem is: When I edit stuff in the textboxes, then click the menu to issue "Save", the text from the last text box still hasn't issued its "Validating" method.

By using validation, you can make sure that your control's data satisfies the format required by the data source, and that it does not contain any special characters such as quotation marks and back slashes that might be unsafe.

When you use data binding, the data in your control is synchronized with the data source during execution of the Validating event.

I would like to use the built-in Validation framework in my VB. In a form I need to validate a specific control in the form.

For the sake of this example, you can ignore the labels.

In the end I did this programatically as it was simpler than going through all the forms...

// The flag private bool _is Closing = false; // Action that avoids validation protected override void On Closing(Cancel Event Args e) // Validated event handler private void txt Control To Validate_Validated(object sender, Event Args e) // Do validation on complete so you'll remain on same thread void worker_Run Worker Completed(object sender, Run Worker Completed Event Args e) // Give a delay, I'm not sure this is necessary cause I tried to remove the Thread.

I have a Windows Form with an edit box and a Cancel button. The code is executed every time the edit box loses focus.

When I click on the Cancel button I just want to close the form.

If you cancel the Validating event, the data will not be synchronized with the data source.

If you have custom validation that takes place after the Validating event, it will not affect the data binding.

In the Validating event-handling method, you can validate user input in several ways.

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