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Colton and Skylar are not dating.” “They’re just married,” Ledet chimes in. We mean that in the nicest way possible — it’s enjoyable to watch the reality show contestants interact on a genuine level and not just for TV cameras. “Skylar and I are NOT dating, and we’re not going to date. “However, after Ryan started the rumors — I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea, because I think it’s what helps the rumors spin a little more — but we came offstage, we were doing our backstage interview, and she says ‘No, Colton and I are not dating.’ I remember looking at her like ‘We’re not? And yes, we are totally perpetuating this rumor by writing about it again, but it’s fun to watch Laine squirm while her pals poke fun.

It is perhaps not as clearly defined as this, but, Brian Roberts is the camera, the observer taking in what is happening in Berlin, a snapshot of a moment just before the world is irrevocably altered (though he is affected by his environment as well, at least temporarily).

Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon would like to reiterate that they are definitely, absolutely, 100 percent not dating, despite the rumor “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest started on the Top 8 performance show that the duet partners were a couple in real life.

But there are a few celebs they would like to date if they had the chance — Hayley Williams and Tim Tebow, feel free to pick up a phone and call the “Idol” finalists. ” exclaims Laine when Zap2it asks her about the rumors the following week. That would be weird because they’re all our family! “Skylar and Colton have been dating ever since Hollywood Week,” he confesses with a sly smile.

The Emcee is eerily sardonic towards the Nazis and yet gleeful, as if the destruction of all he is and represents is something he secretly craves.

Sally is optimism, enthusiasm and an attitude of undaunted, if unfocused, momentum.

Justin Moore — he’s the one who sings ‘Small Town USA.’ And Tim Tebow, of course.” And Dixon?

And Emma Watson, man, ever since I started watching ‘Harry Potter’ I was glued.

“Does it really matter as long as you”re having fun? The film answers: “Yes, it matters very much.” Stars Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey will be in attendance tonight for a post-screening Q&A at the TCM fest’s opening night event, which will be held at the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Cineastes will be pleased to hear that 78 films will screen over the course of the four-day festival, with appearances from Kim Novak (who caused a bit of a tumult with her comments on “The Artist””s score last season) and Debbie Reynolds.

In “Cabaret””s final scene, the moment in which Minnelli”s Bowles wails the exultant “Life is a Cabaret,” the audience in the club is filled with Nazis who have clearly become the dominant force in Berlin.

Indeed, though the constitution was never officially repealed, “the legal measures taken by the Nazi government in February and March 1933, commonly known as Gleichschaltung (“coordination”), meant that the government could legislate contrary to the constitution,” which marked the true rise of the Third Reich. Take a look at the “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” scene for a taste of Fosse”s ability to express more with the right song and shot selection than 10 pages of dialogue would yield.

Five remain on the 11th season of "American Idol," and the competition has rarely been this fierce.

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    Billy Currington can get behind the message of his new single, “Doin’ Somethin’ Right.” After all, he’s found himself much more in the spotlight since his colorful duet with Shania Twain last year, not to mention a string of memorable videos on his own, including “I Got a Feelin’.” Here, the soft-spoken, small-town native answers fan questions about signing copies of Playgirl, good meals from his grandma and the perks of performing with Keith Urban. Where was your video for “Doin’ Somethin’ Right” filmed? I was on my way home to see my family, and it was the weirdest thing. There was this melody and lyrics that stuck with me. I mean, like trying to get into the music business …