Hollyoaks online dating storyline

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Hollyoaks online dating storyline

It's the thing I'm most proud of in my career." Craig said when he watched the scenes on television, it was "truly powerful". I said to James 'how the fuck did you get in my head? "It was so difficult but amazing." Kirkwood said the storyline is "one the best pieces of work" Hollyoaks has done.He added: "In a field for male rape, this is now one of the biggest anchor points that we have as a cultural reference." One way the impact of the show was measured was through monitoring and comparing how people responded to the storyline on social media.

"We were serving awareness to people who have been in the situation themselves and to the media platform as a whole.The year the storyline saw the rapist finally end up in court, there were more than 3,500 incidents of rape or sexual assault against men, yet under 4% of men reported their experiences to the police.Hollyoaks actor James Sutton, whose character John Paul was the victim in the storyline, joined Duncan Craig at Southbank's Being A Man festival to discuss how the show broke down stereotypes of male rape.The show attracts an average of 3 million viewers per week.The series was devised by Phil Redmond, who also created GRANGE HILL and BROOKSIDE.This has since seen some minor changes with characters being both removed and added.

Men who are survivors of rape have praised a Hollyoaks' storyline for helping men who have been sexually assaulted come forward and talk about their experiences.

One of the victims, Duncan Craig, founder of Survivors Manchester, was speaking on the panel at the Being A Man festival and said sensitive stories on popular TV shows are powerful in bringing much-needed conversations to the fore.

"Raising awareness of male rape is making it easier for men to talk about their experiences," said Craig, "TV is an excellent media for this.

He said he initially approached this topic in 2010 when he was working on Eastenders.

"On Eastenders, we were keen to tell a story with a gay man being attacked but we were told no.

Rape is so gendered and that's something we need to challenge." Looking at the rapes recorded over the past year, Craig said only one in 10 reports came from males - which is why he was pleased researchers at Hollyoaks came to him when they decided to cover the story.