Host speed dating parties

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We're fun and friendly with loads of personality - just like our guests.

Our years of experience understands that your first point of contact should be welcoming, approachable and put you at ease. Dani is our brand and events manager here at Speed Dater.It is great fun though and a brilliant way to meet new people so I like the opportunity to put people at ease.It’s always a bonus when you see genuine chemistry between daters and see everyone having a good time.” “Hosting is always fun, every event is a great night and bringing people together is a noble pursuit. We always attract a capacity crowd of around 250 people meaning that you're very likely to meet someone on board that you'll like. One of our most popular events formats is our Thames boat parties.Sorority members have huge influence on campus and can quickly launch a brand to success via word of mouth and peer-to-peer recommendations.

Kim Bhasin explains in her article, Win the Sorority Girl, Win the American Wardrobe, the influential power sororities have: Once one sorority picks up on a brand, it can spread from person to person like a scandalous secret, infiltrating one house after the other until every sorority in the country knows about it. Use this time to speak with our speed dating event experts about hosting your singles event and tips for success.Email support for using the kit is always available.Guests take in the fabulous views and London skyline whilst mingling chatting and generally enjoying themselves.These events are so good they're worth staying single for!Slow Dating runs Speed Dating events on a regular basis in twenty five cities throughout the UK, comfortably more than any other company.