Hydrocarbon weathering color age dating

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Hydrocarbon weathering color age dating - sevierville tn dating

Provenance in geology, is the reconstruction of the origin of sediments.

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For example, U-Pb zircon ages are generally considered to reflect the time of zircon crystallization at about 750° Celsius and zircon is resistant to physical abrasion and chemical weathering."Relations between provenance and basin are important for hydrocarbon exploration because sand frameworks of contrasting detrital compositions respond differently to diagenesis, and thus display different trends of porosity reduction with depth of burial." All rock exposed at the Earth's surface is subjected to physical or chemical weathering and broken down into finer grained sediment.All three types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks) can be the source of detritus.The following table has examples of where provenance study samples are collected.Generally, provenance methods can be sorted into two categories, which are petrological methods and geochemical methods.Rocks are transported downstream from higher elevation to lower elevation.

Source rocks and detritus are transported by gravity, water, wind or glacial movement.In geology (specifically, in sedimentary petrology), the term provenance deals with the question where sediments originate from.The purpose of sedimentary provenance studies is to reconstruct and to interpret the history of sediment from parent rocks at a source area to detritus at a burial place.Rocks exposed to the surface, sooner or later, are broken down into sediments.Sediments are expected to be able to provide evidence of the erosion history of their parent source rocks.After sediments are weathered and eroded from mountain belts, they can be carried by stream and deposited along rivers as river sands.