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You would first have to register an offical account, and bind your application domain in the settings page within the account.If you have a PC website and wish for users to share certain pages to wechat.

Only requests from weixin's applications and some "white-listed" applications are allowed.

This feature uses your mobile GPS connection and search who are near to your location.

Here location means what you set on your wechat account To enable this feature just go to settings menu and choose General settings and enable “People nearby” option.

This must be scanned via the wechat client on your mobile phone.

The client must be for the user attempting to contact you, it is their PC link to wechat.

In settings go to General and choose features option.

Now enable drift bottle from the features option, click on throw bottle to send a voice or text message to someone in the world It provides two different options one is voice and another one text. Here I choose text version and type some text in that before throwing the bottle in ocean.

Shake is best and unique feature in wechat application to find new friends.

By using this feature you can connect with new friends locally or globally. Select shake option from discovery tab and shake your mobile once then it automatically searches for friends locally and globally.2.

Now click on camera icon on the top of the screen and hold it for a while to see text update screen.3.

Now you can type text message and share it with your friends by clicking on send button.

These days communication applications grows very well and every day millions of people creating new accounts on these applications.