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Help How To Use(Sender: TObject); begin Application. Help Command(HELP_PARTIALKEY, Longint(Empty String)); end; procedure TMain Form.

Def Attributes; end; function Enum Fonts Proc(var Log Font: TLog Font; var Text Metric: TText Metric; Font Type: Integer; Data: Pointer): Integer; stdcall; begin TStrings(Data). File Print(Sender: TObject); begin if Print Dialog. Edit Undo(Sender: TObject); begin with Rich Edit1 do if Handle Allocated then Send Message(Handle, EM_UNDO, 0, 0); end; procedure TMain Form. Create(Self) do try Show Modal; finally Free; end; end; procedure TMain Form. He began by saying, “I’m […] One of the greatest challenges we face in fighting sin is to accurately call sin, sin.” While neither Drake nor Rihanna publicly acknowledged Travis’ rant, rumors of a falling out between Rihanna and Scott continued to swirl after the “Love On The Brain” songstress appeared to diss Travis for being a no-show during her stop in San Jose in May, just weeks after Drake began appearing as a surprise guest for a few select shows on the North American leg of Rihanna’s tour.There are several thousands of free movies available there at the moment and that’s just the beginning: Sex Tube Porn gets updated every single day – updated with tons of awesome XXX stuff, it should be mentioned.Obdobn jsou vyeeny i volby Edit | Copy a Edit | Paste (a odpovdajc tlatka). Nyn je zapoteb vytvoit potebn zdroje etzc, vytvoit z nich DLL a tyto DLL uloit do stejnho adrese, jako je aplikace.Obsluha volby Edit | Font (tlatko pro tuto funkci nemme) je tvoena pkazy: Pokuste se urit, co provdj jednotliv metody. M to ten dvod, e aplikaci se pozdji budeme snait pevst z anglitiny na nminu a vdtinu. Ukeme si, jak vypad projekt pro vytvoen DLL pro jeden jazyk (nap.Nejrychlej je kliknout na jmnu promnn v Editoru kdu a v mstn nabdce editoru zvolit Add Watch at Cursor. Ostatn zpsoby pidvn promnn, zobraz dialogov okno Vlastnost sledovn. Pi pouit tto volby okno Inspektora ladn zobraz hodnoty vech loklnch promnnch souasn provdn funkce.

Mstn nabdka Inspektora ladn obsahuje nkolik voleb, kter umouj pracovat s Inspektorem ladn a jednotlivmi promnnmi. Inspektor ladn poskytuje kompletn pehled o stavu si potebujeme prohldnou vechny lokln promnn prv provdn funkce.

Example of Rich Text editor (Delphi2 demo): Private: FFile Name: String; FUpdating: Boolean; FDrag Ofs: Integer; FDragging: Boolean; implementation uses REAbout; const Ruler Adj = 4/3; Gutter Wid = 6; procedure TMain Form.

Selection Change(Sender: TObject); begin with Rich Edit1. Left := Trunc(First Indent*Ruler Adj)-4 Gutter Wid; Left Ind.

Okno obsahuje jet adu voli, kter slou k nastaven zpsobu zobrazen hodnoty.

Promnnou do sledovacho okna lze pidat nkolika zpsoby.

File Exit(Sender: TObject); begin Close; end; procedure TMain Form. Help About(Sender: TObject); begin with TAbout Box.

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