Irish dating los angeles

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Irish dating los angeles

I recognized another woman at the party as one of his good friends, and the two of us headed for the bar and ordered beers.“Oh, you guys work together! Trust me, honey, I thought I had tried, and suddenly it was all starting to make sense.“Define dating.”She looked at me doe-eyed and dumb. I looked at him across the room with such fury that when he caught my eye, instantly, he knew. We might have left each other at the Chateau, never to speak or see each other again. They said don’t get involved with a co-worker, they never said don’t fall in love with a co-worker.

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There became one too many violent results, some breaking the physical boundaries and others residing in the screaming-drunken-phone-call category. Every week we would get drinks and make up, and every week we would slither back into each other’s beds, only to wind up burned again. I knew something was off, and maybe he regretted me all over again.

The not knowing what we know now; the hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

I met him at Finn Mc Cool’s on Main Street in Santa...

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