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And when the world was raving about Kate Middleton’s flawless wedding gown, Vera Wang supposedly critiqued “I would have preferred a closed neckline.” Read any article, blog post, book or watch any piece of published content.There is always be someone who has something critical to say. There will always be that person who will criticize, complain and nitpick. I know, I know — your wedding is the closet you’ll ever get to being a celebrity, so it’s natural to want nothing less than perfection.

The disagreements, miscommunications, tension, things falling through the cracks… – Your future in-laws want you to marry in their church followed by an elegant reception at the country club with 150 of their closest friends and family.

I would like to use the experience I have gained to help your business increase profitability and to manage cash flows.

After completing my degree in Agronomy and working in the agriculture sector, I accepted a position at a community bank where I specialized in lending to the agriculture community.

My twenty years of working with small and large businesses have taught me the value of managed cash flow.

Depending on your business and business strategy, there are a variety of different ways to manage cash flow.

I had the opportunity to work with a wide range of customers, including established companies; start-ups; large and small firms and successful and struggling companies.

I worked with many new and growing customers who were having issues managing their cash flow and, while they struggled, their secured lenders were unwilling to work with them.Most brides and grooms get stressed out by two things – their to do list and the people involved. Your future husband assumes you would be on board with that plan.The to do list is self explanatory – you have a lot of stuff to think about. The point is, ask the stupid questions, over communicate, confirm and double confirm if you have to. There is one catch – this does not give you permission to proactively tell people (or send announcements) that they are invited to the wedding.I became interested in the eight billion dollar unsecured lending industry and left the banking industry to learn to manage unsecured trade credit for large companies.Joining an eighty million dollar distribution company, I managed a credit department of twenty thousand customers in thirty locations over ten states. So maybe, just maybe, if we can all internalize a few ‘golden wedding rules’, we can avoid a lot of the people problems.