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She dealt with her past in Season 4's episodes, "Mr. Mac" and "Second Sight." For three seasons, Mac was a major.

Since then, Harriet has given birth to a boy (James Kirk Roberts) and then to twins, giving her and Bud four children. Had an on-and-off relationship with Congresswoman Bobbi Latham, and later found love with Varese Chestnut, a jazz singer. She was assigned to the USS Seahawk shortly before LT Roberts was assigned to the ship as JAG officer. When Harm becomes the foster dad to Mattie Grace, and needs a larger apartment for them to live in, he persuades Coates to move into the two-bedroom apartment next door so that Mattie can live there with her.

A naval aviator who became a JAG lawyer after being diagnosed with night blindness.

His father was shot down over Vietnam and was listed as MIA, with Harm's attempts to find him forming the plots of several episodes.

He became strong friends with Mackenzie, and through the seasons their relationship grew through the years.

Towards the end of the series the pair acknowledged that they were in love with each other.

He was nominated for a seat on a high-level civilian court but turned it down after being confronted with the unethical positions of the Congressman who nominated him. NBC cancelled the series then when CBS picked it back up she was replaced by Lt. Pike is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and Harvard Law School. His aide, CDR Theodore Lindsey, was often the butt of his jokes. Nelson's successor, Senator Edward Sheffield, unaware of Lindsey's grudge, appointed Lindsey to audit JAG headquarters. Lindsey recommended that most of the senior staff be reassigned.

However, when his bias was revealed, his report was disregarded by SECNAV as a "hatchet job" and he was fired from the staff, forcing him to resign in disgrace.Coates was promoted to petty officer 1st class in 2004. When he announced his retirement, the JAG staffers were legitimately sad to be losing his leadership and friendship. became the father figure for many of the JAG staff. She turned up in Season 6 when she filed a sexual harassment complaint against a high-ranking officer; the officer admitted he had tried to kiss her and apologized for doing so, and she forgave him but felt bad that his career was ruined. He was not kept on the staff at JAG headquarters by ADM Chegwidden and was appointed as an aide to the Secretary of the Navy, Alexander Nelson.In Season 3, he showed slight romantic interest in Mac but their friendship and UCMJ implications caused them to nip it in the bud. He had an Italian ex-wife and daughter who were featured in a kidnapping plot in the Season 4 episode "Going After Francesca." He loved baseball and once mentioned he was drafted by the Cleveland Indians, but declined a contract in order to serve his country during wartime. Austin was the second partner to LT Harmon Rabb, replacing LT JG Caitlin Pike. She also confronted LT Singer about leaking the information on the case, saying Singer did NOT have her forgiveness. The first Judge Advocate General of the Navy in the series, with a weird sense of humor. It was later revealed that the Admiral had no confidence in his abilities, and A. in fact made a point of denying Lindsey a promotion at a Season 6 Review Board.Harriet was promoted twice during the series' run, firstly from ensign to lieutenant junior grade, and lastly from lieutenant junior grade to lieutenant. A good friend and former Naval Academy classmate of Harm, and a great rival in the courts. Fell into a funk that impaired his relationships with the JAG personnel in Season 8, and his friendship with Harm suffered when he was interim head of JAG after ADM Chegwidden's retirement. She was later reassigned to JAG Headquarters, continuing as a legalman and as Admiral Chegwidden's personal assistant. One of her old "friends" nearly framed her for murder before Harm and the D. (Coates had difficulties with her 4-5 female roommates; Harm inveigled Coates to be Mattie's roommate by paying Mattie's expenses – though his original offer was to pay all costs for both Coates and Mattie). She appeared in the following episodes: 1-2 "Pilot", 8 "Brig Break" & 21 "Ares" and season 6 episode 10 "Touch and Go". She was reassigned but she later returned as a guest star in three episodes (actress Andrea Parker left the series to star in The Pretender).Harm wanted Coates for Mattie's roommate as he felt that Mattie, being a teenager, would need a female role model. He was a no-nonsense, gruff CO and former Navy SEAL but always had his "people's" back. She and Harm were kind of attracted to each other, and had a "weekend" together, but it fell apart when they realized it was just a thoughtless fling. He was ADM Brovo's assistant (and often the butt of his jokes) and briefly served as acting Judge Advocate General in between ADM Brovo and the arrival of Admiral Chegwidden.However, due to allegations of war crimes he committed in Vietnam in 1968, he was subsequently court-martialed. He later returned to active service briefly after 9/11 as an advisor to the Secretary of the Navy during a crisis involving a U. plane that had made an emergency landing in China, retiring for the second and final time around Christmas of 2002. Harm's direct superior in the first season and Admiral Chegwidden's second-in-command after his introduction.

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