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It was a far cry from the raunchy, sexually-explicit parades of Berlin.

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This post was written when the museum was still found within the Perlan Building — please check with the official website for the new location.) The Perlan is one of Reykjavík’s most distinctive buildings.Set on a hill just south of town, its glass dome sits atop four huge water storage containers, and is visible from all over the city.The building is a touristic sight in its own right, with artificial geysers both indoors and outside.At 2000 krona (), the museum’s entry price probably puts a lot of visitors off, but if you have any interest in the sagas or Icelandic history, it’s worthwhile.An audio guide is included, leading you between the various exhibitions, almost all of which are engaging.Most pools even have diagrams posted to show you exactly the areas on which to concentrate your scrubbing.

If you don’t shower, or try to keep your trunks on, you’re likely to find yourself being scolded by a naked old Icelandic dude. Location on our Iceland Map Nauthólsvík – Website –Great Hostels In Reykjavik Like most countries, Iceland has its share of legends from the time of its founding.But we’ve never seen a Gay Pride quite like Reykjavík’s, held annually in August.Led by its mayor, the entire city paints itself in rainbow colors and puts on an astonishing celebration of gayness.There was even an appearance by Reykjavík’s flamboyant mayor, Jón Gnarr, dressed in Iceland’s traditional women’s costume and tossing out roses to the crowd.After the last float had passed, we followed the crowd to Arnarhóll park, sat on the grass and listened to a concert.As we walked down to the parade route, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Rainbow-colored crosswalks, rainbow flags in every store and flying high above city hall.

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