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Alle spulletjes die je nodig hebt om zelf die ene taart te bakken? Kijk rond voor een idee of inspiratie of neem meteen mee wat je zoekt of gewoon spontaan vindt. Maar ook een keur aan Amerikaanse lekkernijen, om te eten én te drinken.

Americans certainly think there are declines and rebirths happening.

President of FIRE, Greg Lukianoff told “From a most basic first amendment standpoint, can you create a list of professors you think are biased if you’re worried it’s going to influence their teaching? But at the same time, can this go dreadfully wrong? “If universities try to punish professors for what is constitutionally protected speech, FIRE stands ready to help and we urge them to get in touch with us straight away.” Professor Watchlist allows individuals to submit their own criticisms of tutors for publication on the site.

Since the website's launch on Monday, dozens of individuals have been named and pictured, including one professor who is listed for “endors[ing] some of her students’ participation in pro-choice demonstrations” and allegedly claiming that violent actions on the streets of American are “unseen by those with privilege”.

All these countries had more trust in the American president toward the end of the Obama administration than they had toward the beginning of the Bush administration. Obama’s and Trump’s calls for renewal are legit — each really did inherit a presidency in need of image rehabilitation abroad, although Trump maybe has less restoration work to do than Obama did.

And almost all have a higher opinion recently (in 2015 or 2016) than they did in 2008, at least by a couple of percentage points. On the other hand, both have probably overstated how poor our reputation as a country is.

At a press conference on the same day, Trump made similar comments about America’s international reputation, promising that during his presidency, “all countries will respect us far more, far more, than they do under past administrations.” If those promises sound weirdly familiar, it’s because they’re almost identical to the ones Barack Obama made in 2008 and early 2009.

They also have a lot in common with things that George W.He said: “This watchlist has echoes of Mc Carthyism, with its attempt to target, smear and delegitimise liberal academics.It is symptomatic of the new intolerant atmosphere in Trump's America.(The only exception: Russia, which went from 22 percent in 2008 to 11 percent in 2015.) Things get complicated when it comes to asking residents of other countries about their perceptions of the United States in general, as opposed to the American president specifically. That is, unless, they were both talking about Russia.The trend varies a lot more from country to country. But Mr Lukianoff warned the Watchlist campaign was reminiscent of previous attacks on freedom of expression that had become dangerous.

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