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Still the defending World Champion at the 1964 Summer Olympics, she was beaten by Čáslavská in the all-around competition.

Between 19 she won 14 individual Olympic medals and four team medals.

However, she quickly realized she wasn’t a city girl.

A gut feeling told her something was missing in her life.

She was born to Pelageya Anisimovna Barabamyuk (1902–1975) and Semyon Andreevich Diriy (1906–1943), who died in the Battle of Stalingrad. Her last and current husband is Yuri Izrailovich Feldman (b.

1938), a member of the Russian Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences and a former competitive cyclist.

Latynina beat Keleti in the all-around event, and the Soviet team also won the team event.

In the event finals, Latynina won gold medals on the floor (shared with Keleti) and vault, a silver medal on the uneven bars, and a bronze medal in the now discontinued team event with portable apparatus.A mixture of a tomboy and model, Larysa is competitive, engaging and adventurous.She earned her bachelor’s and master‘s degrees in accounting in just four years, and promptly landed a CPA job in New York City.She graduated from high school in 1953, and moved to Kiev.She attended the Lenin Polytechnic Institute, and continued her training at the Burevestnik Voluntary Sports Society.Latynina's nine gold medals makes her second on the list of most Olympic gold medalists together with Paavo Nurmi, Mark Spitz, and Carl Lewis, only behind Michael Phelps, who has 23.