Laura marling and johnny flynn dating

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It’s about morris dancing and wicker men; willow-stripping and Glastonbury Tor as the sun rises on the summer solstice.

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She was invited to tour with Jamie T after he attended her second-ever solo gig.“Thank you very much, you’ve made me blush,” she grins sheepishly.Hopefully it’s the just the confidence booster she needs.She has also toured with a number of other musicians including Adam Green from the anti-folk band The Moldy Peaches.She performed at the 2007 O Wireless Festival and also performed at the first Underage Festival in August 2007 at Victoria Park, East London, before releasing her debut EP "London Town" on Way Out West Records.While both Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn freely admit to being heavily influenced by New York’s carefree anti-folk scene, it’s obvious that their resolute Britishness also has a part in their musical make-up.

Tonight is about more than acoustic guitars and a wry expression.

We do, and are treated to a farewell rendition of ‘Alas I Cannot Swim’, its Appalachian hillbilly breaking into a near hoedown as Marling and the band finally leave.

The solid applause afterwards leads to the band slinking back onstage one by one, and means Marling’s plans to get away without the embarrassment of an encore have failed.

In 2005, Flynn was one of Screen International's Stars of Tomorrow.

Flynn had parts in the television series Murder in Suburbia, Holby City and Kingdom.

Mandolin in hand, he sets about conjuring up a semi-mythical England populated by fair maidens, a place where music is as essential to life as loaves of bread and hot mugs of tea.