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Lily has said she plans to concentrate on her acting career after she graduates in the summer.

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Another indication of her ‘unusualness’ is the fact that, unlike most other schoolgirl supermodels, Lily did not give up on education when she was discovered.I am very proud of her.’Lily cleverly manages to deflect any question that encroaches on her private life.She does admit, though, that her family – her mother and her 25-year-old sister Eveline – are incredibly close, and have helped her to remain grounded.Although the first night was famously disastrous, the play received a good reception later on in the initial run.The Seagull is full of references, both oblique and direct, to Shakespeare's Hamlet."It was quite disappointing, but it must be hard as everyone is focusing on her." The show, which will run for five days, sold out several weeks ago.

Lily, who is studying History of Art at King's College and is in her third and final year, has been rehearsing for the show since the beginning of term.Indeed, the favourite word of the girl reckoned to have earned £11 million from modelling is ‘geek’.Born in Devon but raised in London by her single mum Patience Owen, now 50 (little is known of her father, rumoured to be a fisherman from Brixham), Lily achieved three grade As at A-level and a place at Cambridge University, which she deferred for two years.Me, my mother and my sister are very close-knit, and I don’t think they would ever let me be anything other than grounded.’In the early days of her modelling career – when size zero first became an issue – her mother dismissed suggestions that Lily was too thin, insisting she was a normal teenager who ate healthily and had inherited a naturally tall, slim body shape that ran in the family.These days – it has to be said – Lily has filled out, and you cannot help but wonder if her curves (specifically her bust) still fit into the tiny sample sizes that Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman recently decried as an insidious part of the size zero obsession. ‘Yes, actually if you had asked me a few years ago what I would change about my appearance I would have wished for boobs – but I got those,’ she says with a giggle.‘It can be difficult, but I manage fine,’ she says.

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