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It's not like a uniform: It can't quickly be put on, before we are ready, just so others can know easily who we are., a new documentary about the American transgender community.

He's trying to convince himself he's making the right decision.This final break with his family drives him to the clinic.The doctor listens sympathetically and reassures his patients.This suggestive tableau is in fact a snapshot from Iran, and not even some futuristic Iran after the street protesters have won.Since the reign of the Ayatollah Khomeini, sex-change operations have been legal in Iran."I'm not saying I won't speak to someone who's gay," she explains to a new arrival.

"But I can't be friends with him."After the initial relief, though, the patients start to sense that they are blooming in a very tight space.

His neighbours are nosy, he can't get a job, and he doesn't want to be gay, he says.

("In the West two men can get married, but what's the point of that?

I'm a woman with this body." And then a corresponding man with frizzy long hair who goes by "Holy Old Man Bull" and "happily" says he loves his vagina.

Designed to convince the psychiatric establishment to retire the term "gender identity disorder," the film feels more like propaganda than art.

But his choice feels forced because he does not have any of these other choices; a drastic operation is the only action he can take.

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