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Many directors and producers apply self-censorship, limiting nudity (and other content) in their films, to avoid external censorship or a strict rating, in countries that have a rating system.

Directed by Rakesh Kumar, the short film is scheduled for release on March 8, International Women's Day, and goes with the tagline "We are all naked on the bare stage of social media".Kalki had tweeted about the film: "We girls are up to no good again.The Brothers Babusenan were formerly cinematographers and producers in Mumbai, working for MTV, Channel V, STAR and others.In 1998, they made a short film Twilight Dream which was selected to the Split Film Festival in Croatia and the Mumbai International Film Festival.The Painted House was made after a gap of seventeen years.In some cases, nudity has been criticized as "superfluous" or "gratuitous" to the plot, and some film producers have been accused of including nudity in a film to appeal to certain audiences.

Many actors and actresses have appeared nude, or exposing parts of their bodies or dressed in ways considered provocative by contemporary standards at some point in their careers.

Nudity in a sexual context is common in pornographic films, but softcore pornographic films generally avoid depiction of a penis or a vulva.

A film on naturism or about people for whom nudity is common may contain non-sexual nudity, and some other non-pornographic films may contain very brief nude scenes.

The presentation of nudity in films or otherwise has been controversial since the development of the medium, and most nude scenes in films have had to be justified as being part of the story, in the concept of "artistically justifiable nudity".

In some cases nudity is itself the object of a film or is used in the development of the character of the subject.

With his handsome face and kindly nature, he is a ‘good man’.

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