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Still, she concedes that there were indeed, much tension that arose from the girls’ competitiveness and the pressures of living together, all under one roof. “[The fights are] not scripted, it’s definitely real, it’s what they’re feeling because of the tension [on the show].” She’s keen to add that models often billed as drama queens — Indonesian model Janice J.Hermijanto and Singapore model Nicole Lee — are far more likeable than they may seem on-screen. Hermijanto (Indonesia), Nicole Lee (Singapore) were pictured as drama queens in the series.

Thankfully, her turning point came in episode nine, while in the middle of the Borneo jungle.

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Josephine Tan (far right) was considered by Sheena Liam as her best confidante.

Images: Star World “Janice is one of the coolest people I’ve met.Liam is equally quick to stand up for Nicole Lee, whom she describes as “one of the sweetest people in the competition.” “Despite all the things she says or has done, she’s the most helpful, she cleans up after everyone, cooks for everyone,” explained Liam.“And when my feet got cut in the jungle [during episode seven], Nicole actually gave me her shoes and walked barefoot herself.At the time of our phone interview on the afternoon of April 9, 2014, Liam was still busy keeping mum about her win; her family members too, were kept in the dark. “I haven’t celebrated at all actually, I’ve been too busy keeping the secret from everyone!” Here, we share some of the surprising tidbits that Liam reveals about herself and her fellow contestants; including the reason why this leggy Malaysian is currently still single and more than happy to be so. The second season of saw many fiery arguments break out between the girls.[After the competition] I actually went to Indonesia and I stayed with her and I slept in her bed, with her!