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It also received no cooperation whatsoever from the police or the armed forces.In accepting the report, President Aylwin apologised on behalf of the state to the victims and their families.

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The examples of these countries provide good reasons why simply covering up the past is a bad idea.Many human rights activists in Chile point to ongoing torture and abuses by the armed forces.They argue that the process was not adequate, and that the basis for an effective human rights culture has not been established.The commission did not have the power to prosecute in its own right, but was mandated to submit information of individual violators to the relevant courts.The commission finally produced an extensive report called Nunca Mas ('Never Again').In all of these countries, the members of the security forces have continued to believe they are immune from prosecution.

Human rights abuses, torture and assassination have continued.Dead weight of the past At one extreme are those societies in which there has been an effective impunity for human rights violators from former authoritarian regimes.Past human rights abuses by the security forces are simply 'forgotten'.Argentina In Argentina the restoration of civilian rule occurred against the backdrop of the severe humiliation that the armed forces suffered in the Falklands (Malvinas) war.This created more favourable conditions for firmer measures to be taken against military human rights abusers.But these steps, in turn, provoked three separate army rebellions, and Alfonsin backed down from the policy of prosecutions.