Matt nordgren dating audrina

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"But I have been a friend trying to support her for many years now.” Nordgren, a former University of Texas football star, met Lohan about seven years ago. Read Full Story Pacific Coast News Matt Nordgren, a former pro football prospect, was linked to Audrina Patridge last week, bu the two aren't an item, the Hills star's rep insists -- despite photographs that would suggest otherwise."Audrina is completely single," her publicist said, according to E! Audrina Patridge (Getty) Don't Miss: Audrina Patridge Does Not Want to Talk About Lauren Conrad Audrina Patridge Pictures Audrina Patridge Hair The two were snapped by photographers last week at...

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Apparently, the Audi belonged to Kim D but was regularly used by her son, Chris Camiscioli.For some of the men she's recently dated, however, things were a lot more personal — and some of them got on the defense right quick!Morgan O’Connor, for instance, the barely legal Ralph Lauren model who went with Lindz to a Halloween party in Connecticut last year, has spoken up about his involvement (or lack thereof.) Apparently he's adamantly telling anyone who will listen that he wasn't the father!According to People, the 27-year-old actress is now linked to ex-NFL football player Matt Nordgren.“We’ve hung out," the 30-year-old athlete recently told The New York Post's Page Six.Matt is extremely patient and tender with Taylor and supports her and never second guesses his intentions. We can just see them smiling and winking at Bravo now, like "THANKS TV! Is she just using him as a rebound from her emotional trauma? It would be hard to be on a show about being available when you are decidedly not! A few days after the vehicle was discovered, it was revealed that the police were able to identify the charred victims.

She is safe with him, something she hasn't felt in a very long time. According to the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office, 27-year-old Aaron Anderson and 25-year-old Antonio Vega Jr.This guy is the biggest POSER in the world, please tell me the network heads at Bravo are not that stupid?When Lindsay Lohan opened up to Oprah about her tragic miscarriage, all of our hearts wept for the talented actress and the hardships she surely endured.But according to multiple sources, that relationship is already DONZO!Is he once again linked to Well, it's better than hearing about a screaming match! [ Lindsay Lohan hasn't stumbled on her sobriety since finishing up her rehab stint in July and that is likely thanks to her frequent hang outs with sober coach. [ actress is reportedly dating 30-year-old former Texan football star turned Philadelphia Eagles QB, Matt Nordgren, who she met nearly seven years ago!were the ones discovered inside the vehicle after being shot.