Meryl streep dating jack nicholson

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Meryl streep dating jack nicholson - dating a pleaser

Eliot writes: ‘Jack met Streep the first day he was on set.

The story appeared on April 22, 1987, Jack’s fiftieth birthday.’ And the actors’ affection for each other has never diminished as they remain close friends.There had been talk that the two had grown unusually close, but both denied it.Jack was in a bit of a bind, as he was actively, if secretly, still seeing Cartwright.However, once filming began on Ironweed, everyone on set and those who heard about it, were talking not about the film’s script, or direction, or scenic design, but about Jack and Meryl.Often during shooting, his Winnebago seemed to be balanced on four overworked Slinkys.But did Meryl and Jack have some kind of torrid affair when they worked together? That’s what a new Jack Nicholson biography seems to insinuate: Jack Nicholson’s prowess with women is the stuff of legends.

But a new biography of the Hollywood superstar alleges he bedded one of the most successful actresses of all time – Meryl Streep.Nicholson and his famous friends often traded Hollywood’s most desirable women between them.When Dennis Hopper’s catastrophic marriage to singer/actress Michelle Phillips fell apart after eight days, she wound up with Nicholson, who was still smarting over a break-up with a woman named Mimi.Phillips’ other ex-husband, singer John Phillips, sought out Mimi and began sleeping with her as his revenge.But Nicholson’s concern was with Hopper, who he knew had both an explosive temper and a gun.Jack, now 76, starred with Meryl, 64, in two movies, Heartburn and Ironweed, and it was while on the set of the latter film that writer Mark Eliot claims the stars left Jack’s trailer shaking, writing: ‘Often during shooting, his Winnebago seemed to be balanced on four overworked Slinkys.’ The book also details his prolific drug use that nearly ended his career, his struggles with his weight – and how even friends called him a ‘better swordsman’ than that infamous lothario, Warren Beatty.

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