Michael stipe dating

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Michael stipe dating - rihanna and shia labeouf dating

There's this idea that entertainers are this rarefied breed who never have to grow up.

“I’m exaggerating to make a point but it was certainly an audience (that listened to R. M.) that, in the main, did not share my political leanings or affiliations, and did not like how flamboyant I was as a performer or indeed a sexual creature.The work she was doing was real and important - all about the human condition.It was a very accurate reflection of the power and greed of the time, and I was impressed by her understanding. singer Michael Stipe is setting the record straight about his purely platonic relationship with Nirvana's Kurt Cobain. frontman's relationship with Kurt was more than an innocent friendship.But why has Michael taken so long to deny the rumors?REM's new album, Up, was released last month and is at number two in the album charts.

Natalie Merchant, 35, is the former vocalist of the New York-based band 10,000 Maniacs.I think she's been pigeonholed as a certain kind of female performer, but she's very smart and funny and doesn't need to prove herself to anybody.There was an interview that she gave for Us magazine recently, and the journalist was trying to make it more snarky - "snarky" being a term that was coined in the offices of Entertainment Weekly to describe interviews full of gossip and slamming of other people.They probably held lots of my world views in great disregard, and I had to look out on that and think, well, what do I do with this? "On a sliding scale of sexuality I'd place myself around 80-20, but I definitely prefer men to women," the 51-year-old musician says.So the journalist was being smug and mean- spirited, while Natalie was saying these amazing things, trying to explain why she didn't want to waste the platform her album has given her by being cynical and ironic. Natalie can articulate and condense ideas that I've had but haven't been able to vocalise.